Life Coach Styled Online Programmes

Why a Life Coach Lifestyling Programme is Good for you?

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    Sense and Sensibility.

    Thanks to Jane Austen mixed with my own love for some of the greats, Sense and Sensibiity totally couple with what we do in the mental health space. Sense is the ability to act with restraint, judgement and reasoning. Sensibility is to give way to emotion and feeling. Perfect! Voila! Bravo!

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    A great introduction to your Ego.

    Ego? Yes Ego. In Latin the word Ego means #1 - so here at Ego Academy, we have a designated platform to work on our Ego's. To claim them once and for all. Agreed, that sounds like a drama programme, believe me though, it is deadly serious. Keeping our Ego in check is part of what will drive us for our own success. 

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    Eyes wide open.

    We just don't know what we don't know, so by opening up to someone who is a trained professional and yes, whom has been down a serious life path at one point too, allows opportunity for views from differing heights, perspectives and angles. A Coach takes the team to victory!

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    Emotional Extinction is too easy to catch.

    Why is coaching and/or counselling good for you? Because who wants a life of internal or external conflict? Who wants to keep bumping the likes of people who just aren't your people? Imagine owning the auto-pilot life skills to deflect an argument or breathe your way rather effortlessly through anxiety. By accepting we have done our best, then emotional extinction will not exist. Rather, a fine human who knows their worth & is living a really good life.

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    A change of underwear maybe?

    And, well this one is a bit cheeky, ..... just quietly, It means you have to seriously put your big girl, boy or neutral undies on now and totally own up to what may or may not be working for your life at home, work or your relationships (platonic as well as romantic ones) and getting it all together. We cater for all sized undies!

Who is a Life Coach Lifestyling Programme good for?

''How do I know I even need change?''....

Investing in ourselves is usually the last thing on our to do list. Much of the time it is because we accept

what is thrown at us even when we know it's not ideal, yet a better outcome may only 

be a few steps away simply by changing the way we do, say or view something.


This change thing is actually good for us, it grows resilience.


... this constant reinventing & changing with the times, honestly, just because technology

changes as does the year and time, does that mean our inner being has to as well?


So where to then, when we finally succumb to a form of personal
acceptance of what's working or not working?


Begin here......

  • Every moment spent creating a Lifetyle Uplevel Programme was with all of us in mind.
  • We researched age groups, location demographics, dreams and what we value.
  • We then threw in our problems, any typical solutions, our likes & dislikes plus the highs & lows.
  • Next step was to put all of this into a unique course structure for really optimal learning & implementing.
  • At the same time, allowing our students to create (bring) the uplevel comfortably into your worlds.
  • Finally, a ''not in your face'' course which operates to fit all beautiful shapes, sizes, mindsets & egos of people at one time. 


.... isn't your normal personal coaching programme, nothing we do is inside Ego Academy.



.... because normal for us means the same courses as everyone else.



.... inside Ego Academy we do life by flipping it, 
kind of like the Martini (shaken not stirred) of personal growth!


Life has to be a sustainable way of living

We have to be flexible

Chameleon like & open to reinvention

and .... resilient to it

.... that's why Roar! is different, we take no prisoners!

If you are ready to ease yourself to a higher level, then yes, Roar! is 
......for you

  • Roar! is a kaleidoscope of learning treasures for our own style of living. 
  • Diving into timelines, mentoring, difficult and flipped conversations, boundaries, wins, leadership, authorship, value, quality & quantity
  • There's not much we don't uncover for the purpose of uncovering YOU & that's not to say everything needs uncovering!
  • Best of all ....... Some things ARE best off where you left them, in your past!


Change is involved, so you may encounter resistance 

Writing tasks assist your inner + outer thought processes

Communicating words & expression explores human patience

Focus is a pre-requisite, so any fixations will be flipped!

Human Potential is broken down into levels, steps and complexitiesYes! we are a complex bunch and often we have to dig deep, even if it hurts or we don't understand.


Inside Roar! we re-introduce every day words to you, and we flip them head on, highlighting how the new meaning provides enormous opportunity for perspective alteration to your entire outlook + how YOU do life. 


This is where our beautiful word Ego was flipped!

Why is Roar! different?

  1. Well, for a start your Lead Coach, Penelope Hall isn't your average Joe!
  2. She has never fit into a round hole when she demands all holes be equal; yet divided into unique freedom operating spaces for all human kind! 
  3. Not one to give up, using 'tenacity' as a middle name!
  4. One of the main differences with Roar! is the unique weekly tasks PLUS a 4-Wk programme project.
  5. Roar! calls on your mind, time and energy.
  6. Crafted meticuously by Penelope, every word, every component.
  7. Intuitive, non judgemental & professionally casual  yet, with utmost serious intention for sought after life results.
  8. Words to be aware of; rapport, flexibility, infectious and fun!
  9. Crafted in such a way that your life adventure, lost & found moments and experience doors keep flying open.
  10. A sort of cold air rush slapping your face, sometimes when you least expect it to. Rather refreshing!
  11. This slap of air may mean change is imminent or has happened already.
  12. Nothing (particularly you) is ever the same again! 

Q. Is Roar! a spiritual encounter & chanting type programme?  A. No.

(But ... if you are spiritual, then use your spirit to guide you all the way)

Q. Is Roar! an uncomplicated look at life focussing on realtime results in a holistic way?  A. Yes.


The Roar! curriculum supports human Learning Styles  (e.g. visual, verbal, kinaesthetic, auditory etc),
Immersing you into our style of richness and diversity on your way as you UPLEVEL.


We all import + export differently.
(big key note to remember!)

The Roar! Programme. 

Declaration of Strength!

Let's be open from the beginning, the thought of life coaching or counselling can
create some shaky ground. 


Fixing relationships, mindsets and out dated habits is really tough work as

they are all part of the package.


Why? Because you have lived a life right? 

So chances are you may turn up to the party with some extra baggage.

None of us are particularly fond of emotional baggage, and it 
shouldn't be an everyday carry item!

The story kind of gets old, out dated, boring and long suffering.

So, heads up, leave your baggage with us, we will sort it! 

About The Coach

Oh! how we wish we knew back then what we know now. 


Sometimes the life bubble we find ourselves in is the opposite to what we may have dreamed of. The YinYang totally misaligned. 


For a time there my own wings were clipped, and I thought they would never grow back. I proudly share with you my wings did grow back (with my help) and I transformed my life.


Spending time with Roar! students creates this whirl of happiness all over my body. A feeling I can't quite explain, yet it's a feeling I'm in exactly the right place, here by your side as is my very loving team.


The universe certainly holds many mysteries and shows itself to us in so many life lessons.


*Note the photographs on all of our sites; some photographic credit goes to Andrew Teoh, Photographer & Videographer + our Guest Co-Writers + Ego Membership Members. 

Penelope Hall x

Life Coach 

  • Woman.

    Roar! Woman is designed to enhance your qualities as a feminine leader in your own right. Leader of YOUR world. Roar! supports women who are living life, but not quite done with it the way it currently is and want to experience more, so much  more! Today's woman has already changed so much from yesterday and your demands, needs, values, problems, dreams & celebrations are real and warranted!

  • Trans, Neutral, Non Binary Gender.

    We believe human birth gives us the right to be who we identify as. Initial gender assignment does not solidify who we identify as. So, if you are yet to discover your full and superpowered human potential, then hold our hand and we will do this together. Society and experience may try to change us but who we are from inside, only we know our full Human Potential! With love x

  • Man.

    The masculine man can be a tough nut to crack. You often don't like to talk about your feelings so much, and that's very OK. Roar! can show you how to open up if the situation calls for, and actually feel comfortable doing so. Wait until you Roar! you will be at one with your celebrated journey into a new eloquence and keep your superb manly definitions grounded. Perfect!

  • Families. 

    (living same house)

    A landscape of populated differences, languages and

    foundational levels.That's Family oh yes it is!  So, inside Roar! we gently shake up, disrupt and create an explicit edge for our colourful students. A spin on life legacy and what it means to at least try with one another. It's not black & white, it is a borderline way of connecting whilst co-sharing in your castles of existence. Get ready to Roar! your family socks off! Families of all ages, shapes & sizes welcome! (Children up to 18yo)

    • Roar! (raw) Life.

      Roar! UPLEVELS any life ....

      • Career change?
      • Job & Financial Loss?
      • Meeting a new lover?
      • Confidence/Self Love?
      • Trapped or stuck?
      • Abuse recovery?
      • How to ask for help?
      • Family Relations?
      • Eradicating conflict?
      • Controlling emotions?
      • Healing pain/forgive?
      • Covid19 Hardship?
      • Life Legacy Building
    • Ego Trip.

      Get to know your Ego better. Become a more knowledgable human in the area of human potential, yours to be exact! Speak your truth succintly and with meaning. The clock will not stop for you! Add value and enrichment to other people's lives by expressing your own needs, dreams, wants, loves, tastes, sensations & feel the ripple effect. Be heard, don't offend, be intentional with conviction and concise Ego leading boundaries & love. 

    Roar! Week 1

    An online meet & greet style of lesson. After an online questionnaire to get to know you, Roar! begins & You begin!


    The programme starts the process of mapping out where you are, how you got here and where you'd like to be now.


    Questions will be asked, discreetly yet compassionately and directly, to discover you. Yes, even the nitty gritty. All of it.


    No judgements, no failings, simply getting on with finding out what you really want. We promise nothing surprises us, shocks us or bowls us over.

    Note: should your joining Roar! coincide on an Ego Huddle week, we will see you online for a catch up. Every 2 weeks we share a live call ... Roar! member huddle for a Q&A, connection & timeline programme management.

    Roar! Week 2

    It's interesting when we talk of Dreams.


    It's almost as if they should stay back inside our childhood and not follow us into the adult playground. 


    We decided dreams are totally an adult thing too. So we've brought them into each Roar! programme. We help you put together the dreams you had, and even the new dreams.


    This week also, we dig deeper into finding out what's important to you and why. We will call them your life Values.


    Do you see eye to eye with everyone? Now and then we enter into this non sensical rythmical dance off with people. We will go into this.


    You also dive into some timeline writing tasks. It all makes sense as you move  along. 

    Roar! Week 3

    This lesson begins work on individual communication styles.


    This is one of our favourite weeks. Your week 3 tasks are delivered and give you the opportunity to view your own life through a different lens.


    Imagine the toughtest situation infront of you. Now imagine it gone, and rather quickly.


    Think of it this way, the small stuff stays small. 


    Roar! will introduce you to the likes of Fixation, Reistance, Disruption and Execution. 


    Tasks will be delivered to you & you will begin to practise word flipping & communication languages.


    What does this mean? You will learn a way of using words within the fluidity of life without; drama & tears. 

    Roar! Week 4

    Here you are now on Roar! for 3 weeks. Clarity may even be a thing and this is great!


    This week you begin your Ego Master Plan. Think of it like a travel itinerary.


    Excitedly planning where you want to go, how long for, sights to visit and who you want by your side.


    A template will be supplied for you to begin. We want you to succeed and feel like you are going forward with your life.


    Using a travel itinerary visual, really helps plan the plan!


    It's too darn easy to fall back into old ways, so this requires practise.You also have the opportunity to Coach the Coach!  Get ready for a powerful Week 4!


    Rarely do we enjoy saying goodbye to anyone who says yes to learning about things they may fear or are unsure of. 


    Putting our trust into other's care is tough, it's a realtime challenge all by itself. So, we thank you for trusting us.


    We then created Benchmark 21 which is our extended bonus time, meaning goodbye is never goodbye.


    We like to roll this way, given we are not good at farewells! 


    We love nothing more than your transformed Aah! Haa! moments, dropping it into the sand & marking your territory!


    This is your own benchmark  of  success. Good on you, honestly, good on you!


    It's common to ask  ''how do i do implement this into my real time life & who can I bounce ideas & any roadblocks off?


    This is why we instinctively offer ongoing connective support during and after, to help you stay on the track.


    Our Roar! team is by your side! 

    • Email us at 
    • Hop onto Facebook and join our group Ego Academy.
    • When our Ego app is launched there will be plenty of discussion inside our forums and chat platform.
    • Keep an eye out for our live events

    Support & love goes a long way, life is better with friends!

    PS. Ego means#1 & having spent years in Africa, Roar! just had to be created.  

    We go through the doors together!

    We have tried  to think of everything to put you at ease whilst you are spending time with us. If you feel you would rather more or less of anything, please let us know. We are also here to learn from you, it's a 2-way sliding door at all times.

    Flexible Learning 

    Our programmes accommodate all learning styles. Not sure what yours is? Don't worry, it's no dramas to find, we will be right by your side. (Your learning style could be Visual, Verbal, Solitary, Logical, Physical)

    Talking with Zero Judgement

    Our space is our space during Roar!. Mind reading, bless it, isn't a thing, so to make this programme work for you and for us .....
    we just have to find it, talk it, fix it.

    Ego Bench 

    Time Out they called!
    Escaping (temporarily) from life and the noise. Ever felt this way?
    Come sit on Ego Bench with us. Don't you worry, we get it.
    Let us know if you require timeout.

    It does get bumpy sometimes .....



    We dig for the hard stuff, to get to the inside stuff, so we can clear the way
    for the happy stuff. 


    Iceberg theories ... from Freud's Psychoanalysis to Hemingway's writing theory to the corporate world analogy. Icebergs play a big part in human growth, so it would seem. 


    90% of the iceberg is underwater. Which of course leaves 10% at surface level. Now, imagine you are the iceberg and your human percentages are exactly the same.


    A little of you is above and the other is below. That sinking / swimming feeling?


    We could interpret this as your  ... Gameface (outside world sees this) = 10% ... and the 90% as your safe zone (or your private sanctum/inner circle).


    Success Pathways.

    Freedom Principles | Trust Foundations 
    | Success Gates |

    Without these, we may be stuck on ice forever!

    At some stage, the 10% ice begins to melt, but you are not yet feeling the heat below ... drip! drip! Do you think eventually this transference will effect the 90% if left unattended, never looked at?

    How do we stop the meltdown? The drip drip!? It is kind of annoying right?

    Our 90% inner sanctum becomes nervous, anxious .... unless we have some tools we use to halt the process. It's doable!


    During our lessons we will talk more about 'bergs and their ice counterparts. I love this theory ... it's an easy one to relay, because it's a relatively simple visual for the mind to adopt during our lessons. 


    See, icebergs ... what a great topic in a coach counselling session .... to #breaktheice !! #boomboom


    Ps. Success Pathways will be discussed further in your programme.

    Freedom Principles | Trust Foundations | Success Gates

    Our Roar! Team, here for you.

    An array of diversity, skills, personality types and experience.
    Our team has been carefully selected, screened and know just how to support you on your journey.

    Life Adventure Coach  


    Hi, I am the owner of Penelope Jay & Ego Academy. Thank you for joining a mindset revolution programme, personally & meticuously crafted with you in mind. We have so much potential as humans, it's my honour to serve you.


    Penelope x

    Customer Online Experiences


    Trained to serve you from behind the scenes. I am passionate about genuine service. We want you to really benefit from your course experiences as you progress through them with us by your side. 


    Kimberly x

    Co-Host Roar! 


    A total believer in ''The Power of Human Connection''. Hi, I'm Owen from London. I have lived in Adelaide, South Australia for 20 years and am in my happy place here with you. I'm ready to Roar! when you are. 


    Owen x

    Operations & Events Manager


    A love of food, people along with the best organisational skills, Penny refers to me as a true  ''one stop shop''. My corporate customer service experience is extensive, and I know together, we will shine!

    Graziela x

    Is Roar! right for Me?

    If you are looking for a different path to your end game, then yes this is for you. 

    We will be showing you what we know works in the area of human ego potential,
    which is fancy pants for getting off your tush & getting life done now!
    It's not easy demonstrating the peace, but with our heart & soul on the line, believe us we make sure results are your end game too!


    We will show you how to turn your mindset into a powerhouse of resilience, strength
    and superpowered decision making, whilst all the while using love as the driver!


    Man, Woman, Neutral or Transitioning Gender, Part of a Family or A Serious Couple ....

    at the end of the day we are all human AND we all really need (yes need!) LOVE!


    .... what does love have to do with a personal growth programme?


    ......on the love thing,


    I can quite peacefully & passionately sit here crafting this sales page and checkout carts

    for you to click and buy this Roar! programme .... but



    ..... but at the end of the day, 

    we all have to make the final decision for ourselves, whether we want to work for what we really want in life.


    I know I did and it was tough many times over the years, but something kept

    speaking to me which pushed me to never, ever give up.


    It doesn't all come easy and some of us can get to 50 or 60, even 80 years old and never know what it is like to love or be loved. 


    When I put Roar! together, I wanted something different to offer you.



    Because alot of what's offered out there is just for selling, marketing, making money and all same same as the nextDoes that offend anyone? I hope not, but for me it was true. I was still stuck, as were many people I was meeting along the way, all pretending to be OK, me included.


    Please stay with me .... this is important to share with you!


    I know first hand because I've tried so many courses, spent $1000's but only one or two hit the mark and I found not much to be sustainable or prepare us to be flexible with our thoughts, point of view or strength in mind for the real-life ups and downs, the really hard core decision making PLUS doing life with so many different personalities & ways of communicating.


    I'm pretty universal and spiritual myself, but the fluffy stuff didn't entirely get me
    here, to my strong place! Practicality, not over thinking, listening and a keen sense & sensibility ..... had to come to the party too!!


    Would any of us know at the beginning of our life if we are destined to endure the hell

    of a court room & to learn to speak ''lawyer'', or did we know we would disagree with family members, or deal with abuse or bullying or loss of friends & loved ones through arguments, divorce, circumstance or death??  ...... we knew none of this at the beginning, and we aren't prepared (or immuned).


    None of it!
    None of us!


    Who of us could forsee our relationships ending, or giving birth to a beautiful human who has some challenges, or working for too long in a job we dislike because it's not our passion or choosing friends who end up not friends?! 


    Who would have thought we'd have to live with life issues such as financial debt, be cheated on, live with skin conditions or have anxiety? Or stress related hair loss, weight issues or facing homelessness?!

    I could very well go on here, we could sit here as a commnity until eternity discussing our problems, and of course not all problems are the same, these are just real-life / real-time examples. You may even be able to relate.


    I think the highlight message I would like to convey is ....


    the simple side of all of this is ... love is what matters.


    The complex side of this is ... life still happens. 


    .... so, let's work on it to together make it AMAZING!

    (but we have to work, to make it work!)


    I remember a time when I was faced with the biggest decision ever,

    it would change the course of my entire world if I proceeded.


    .... I decided to, and it did!


    Roar! isn't the normal course, the normal fluff or the normal anything. 


    Roar! is Roar!


    .... and Roar! will get you there, I promise!

    You do not have to have had a tough life to be a part of Roar either, it's for everyone!

    (I won't waste your time or mine, doing anything else!)


    Love, (and peace & love) Penny x 

    What will Roar! teach me?

    • How to put together a realistic and flexible Life Plan + stay on track with your Roar! journey and every day life

    • How to play your role when family or friendships clash and how to flip these into friendly debates, calling timeout, or difuse them altogether

    • How to recognise different personality traits in people, by knowing yours. Then flip them seemlessly without the guess work

    • Sensing anxiety and how to control any big attacks with self talk that actually works

    • How to communicate using your talk filter to reach a mututal desired outcome through realtime compromise (with yourself and others)

    • It's OK not to be accountable 24/7 to every man, woman or child + their dog! 

    • How to write effectively and succinctly  like an author (we LOVE this part of Roar! - you will transform during this!)

    • How to recognise & understand why feelings show up at certain times. Begin steps of controlling + becoming better at minimising outburst, defensiveness, fear or mistrust management 

    • How to renew a missing communication link with important people in your life 

    • Gaining clarity on the importance of bed making every day you get up to show up in your life

    • Why your Ego is important to get to know, nurture and manage

    What are Roar! benefits?

    • Online programme suitable for all learning styles (visual, auditory etc)

    • Catchup Huddles for Q&A support + programme checkin

    • Done for You course template supplied when joining Roar! Yours to keep.

    • Weekly tasks sent electronically for you to upload to your platform (easy copy & paste)

    • Doing the work on yourself without pressure to compete for time restrictions

    • Full access to view/change/update your Life Change Blueprints on your 24/7 course platform

    • Facebook Group + App Access

    • Learning the art of understanding & accepting pain as it comes knocking

    • Knowing your keen control eye and scanning all of the keeps & let go's (controlling feelings of failure)

    • Precision Mastering of... time to walk away or knowing to stay on your terms  

    • Listening skills will be upskilled

    • Finally knowing what it is you do want & learning this through what it is you don't

    • You will be a graduate of understanding the emotional nuisance of setting controlling expectations

    • Knowing you are closer to that long awaited for happy place

    • Seeing your bed made every day!

    Sharing the Love ....Thank you!


    Penny has great communication, rapport and life skills that will give any person a lift in confidence and inspiration. She is very caring, loving and has great empathy.

    Plus the most important, she gets results.


    Coaching Student

    Thanks to you my gorgeous friend, and your Roar! programme, I’ve finally found the courage to do something I’ve always wanted to do - I’ve signed up for singing lessons!!!  - starting next week!!  


    Coaching Student

    Penny genuinely cares about people and is passionate about helping others to find their 'freedom''.
    Penny's compassionate, open-minded and non judgmental nature will have you at ease and ready to openly embrace your challenges. 


    Coaching Student

    Penny is an incredible woman and one I’m lucky enough to call my friend. The way she works is incredibly powerful.


    But you must do the work. 


    Coaching Student

    5 Bonus Gifts.  

    Finding some missing blocks here and there, well, it all takes time.
    There is no overnight fix and and life is too short for too many set backs!

     We don't want you to disappear once you've completed your 4 weeks on course.
    We want you to hang out some more, 21 more days to be more precise, and at no extra charge!

    Why? .... because as humans we slip back into our old ways really quickly,

    unless we practise what we have learned over and over until this becomes our new, new!


    Then once the 21 bonus days is up, please join us for a further 60 days inside Ego Academy,
    at no extra charge AGAIN!


    A Grand Total of 15 weeks inside the Ego Academy!
    (for the price of four!)

    Bonus 1 | 21 Days on the house! (Value $500)

    For a limited time we are giving you 21 Days additional Roar!  No extra charge, some additional bonus material and more time together. A more casual 21 days, knowing you can still join in our Huddles (catch ups) and ease on into your new flow. 7 weeks for the price of 4 ......Winning!

    Bonus 2 |  Co-Writer Opportunity! (Value $250)

    Go into the Ego Membership draw for your chance to be a guest copy-co-writer by putting together & submitting a 500 word article.. Your personally crafted words may very well inspire people with your own journey (conditions apply).  You do NOT have to be a professional writer! This is an amazing opportunity for soooooo many reasons! There are plenty of places available, 365 to be exact for the following 12 months!

    Bonus 3 | Ego Academy Course  (Value $97)

    Ego Academy Portal will be open and YOU will be one of our guests to gain access to a Benchmark Series Programme (join us on Roar! by 31 October 2020)

    Bonus 4 | Share the Roar! Love. (Value $670)

    Share your Roar! with a friend and save! Why not Roar! side by side a buddy. Set accountability systems up with one another, meet weekly to discuss your tasks and plan your Roar! Project. Do it together! Think outside the square, anything is possible! (join us on Roar! by 31 October 2020)

    Bonus 5 | 60 Days MORE Ego! (Value $194)

    We told you we don't like farewells! Once the core course of Roar! has finished, spend a further 60 days inside Ego Academy, with our compliments. Then 60 days up? Join our monthly subscription for continued 24/7 access. Uplevel & anything is possible! (join us on Roar! by 31 October 2020)

    Start Today! Choose a Programme Below.

    Seriously, what I love about my personal growth is that I found a person who believed I could go deep and still come up for air and survive. Yes, I found myself, but I could not have done it alone.


    This beautiful person is an undeniable mentor and I hold so much respect & love. 
    It was hard work, yet I made it, I never thought I would!

    This is what I love about the journey on Roar! for you,

    packed full of goodness for the cogs to begin turning

    Plus we use an online 24/7 project platform available via app and desktop

    so you never lose sight of the work, dreams and plans.

    Love, Penelope, a Roar! Graduate!

    (yes I have put myself through too!)

    Roar! Man 

    + Bonus
    4 Week Programme



    2 people one off payment



    per person one off payment (+21 days bonus)



    per person x 4 Weekly payments

    Roar! Families

     + Bonus
    4 Week Programme 



    per 2-4 people living together one off payment(+21 days bonus)



    per person x 4 Weekly payments

    When YOU say YES to Roar! A direct donation of $10.00 from every programme goes to one of my favourite charity organisations, the RSPCA. I am a very big animal lover and advocate to keep all animals feeling safe and out of harms way.

    I am stepping into a Volunteer Role as a Pet Rescue Ambulance Driver & School Talks Educator for RSPCA Animal Rescue and it is my wish for us to do our bit for as many animals we we can reach, supporting them with their safety, human trust and care.


    • You can also donate additional funds if you wish to via the RSPCA logo below which links directly to our Ego Academy fundraising page, or you may click here too.
    • ​Thanking you in advance for your love and support too!
    • Sales from Roar! go directly to Ego Academy.
    • Ego Academy transfers each Roar! $10.00 directly to RSPCA via our personal fundraising link.
    • Our first goal is to reach $500.

    ​Here's a Roar! Membership Inclusions Recap for you!

    (Pricing in Australian Dollars)


    Membership 1

    1 person single or Family 2-4 people

    $670pp Upfront Full Payment

    For 1 Person (Man, Woman, Neutral per person)

    For 2-4 People (Families residing together, children up to 18yo)

    4 weeks full Roar! Programme

    + 21 Days Roar! Bonus

    + 60 Days Ego Academy Access

    Total 15 Weeks
    (equates to $45pp/week1 person OR 
    $22.50pp/week family residing)


    Membership 2

    Friend + Friend / Also suitable for Couples
    $670 + $335 = $1,005 Upfront Full Payment

    For 2 people (1 full price, 2nd half price)

    4 weeks full Roar! Programme

    + 21 Days  Roar! Bonus

    + 60 Days Ego Academy Access

    Total 15 Weeks 

    (equates to $33.50pp/week 2 people sign up)


    Membership 3

    Part Payment Plan
    $205pp/week x 4 = $820pp

    4 x Part Payments Plan

    4 weeks full Roar! Programme 

    + 21 Days Roar! Bonus

    + 60 Days Ego Academy Access

    Total 15 Weeks

    (Equates to $55pp/week 1 person)




    • Life Coaches & Team Support
    • 24/7 Project Management Access (via desktop & App)
    • Done for You Roar! Programme Template 
    • Ego Membership Personalised ID Card (small additional cost)
    • Instructional videos and/or audio
    • 4 x Weekly Tasks & Support
    • 4 Week Roar! Project
    • + 21 Day Access Bonus FREE
    • +60 Days Post Programme Ego Academy Access FREE
    • +Ego Academy Benchmark Series Course FREE
    • +Co-Writer Opportunity FREE
    • Personal FREE Login to Ego Academy Course Platform
    • Ego Huddle (fortnightly group catch ups)
    • Social Media Group Access

    *Note Ego Academy access is provided for the duration of ROAR! only. Upon completion of Roar! continued access is  offered via a monthly membership subscription* (which is totally optional)


    Your Roar! walk (journey) is your personal benchmark. 


    It can be shared with other Roar! members during our live Ego Time Huddle calls, our Facebook group, the Ego Academy & Ego app platforms + any online or face2face events we may stage in the future too.

    A journey such as this is not to be taken alone! 

    Roar! Woman 

    + Bonus
    4 Week Programme 



    2 people one off payment



    per person one off payment (+21 days bonus)



    per person x 4 Weekly payments

    Roar! Neutral/Trans Gender 
    + Bonus 
    4 Week Programme



    2 people one off payment



    per person one off payment (+21 days bonus)



    per person x 4 Weekly payments

    ''Don't allow all the noise out there to distract you from creating your life empire, an empire which will stand as your life adventure legacy in years to come''


    - Penelope Hall -

    Penny the Kelpie, a rescue dog ... met Penny the Woman, a self-rescued human! 

    7 Days Money Back Guarantee

    We stand by our programmes 100%. If after completing your course, you are unsatisfied and don't feel you have received any future benefits to your life, please let us know so we can firstly talk about it and support you. If you are postive you have gained nothing, you will receive a full refund, no further questions asked. Please ensure to make contact within 7 days of course completion. Results are based on the effort we all put in during our commencement time, each participant will vary and learn at their own speed, cognitive ability and learning style. 

    Penelope Hall

    Life Coach, Owner & Programme Creator


    Life coaching has been around for a while now, certainly enough for it to be kicking into mainstream
    mental health support areas.

    I would be confident to say that a quality life coach would have been through their own journey,
    so they know exactly what it takes to put those big undies on and do the work, 

    whatever it takes, no matter the obstacles and mountains, the tears and elations!

    Why Life Coach Lifestyling?

    When does my programme begin?

    Is my course transferable?

    What if I miss a session?

    I feel nervous, how do I fix this?

    Where on earth do I begin, my life is so complicated?

    What is a Benchmark for my Life?

    What if I feel mid way through, this is not for me?

    Where do I transfer my Roar! task learning content to?

    How do I connect with the Coaches during programme time?

    How do I fit this programme into my every day life when I'm so busy?

    ​EGO by Penelope Jay

    Phone +61 Australia 1300 011588 | | @pjaylifecoach Facebook 

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